NextAR Knee is a personalized, proprietary, and sustainable Augmented Reality surgical application for total knee replacement.

NextAR Knee is an advanced solution that leverages patient-specific, real-time information to complement operative workflow. Through specialized smart tools, a software application, a compact single-use tracking system, and augmented reality glasses, the platform delivers actionable insights within the surgeon’s operative field. 


A novel augmented reality-based surgical guidance system for total knee arthroplasty

Sandro F. Fucentese, Peter P. Koch


Proprietary single-use tracking system



Unique vision in knee implant positioning


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"This innovative solution supported me in creating an accurate plan for the surgery with the 3D model of the patient's knee, and in precisely executing in the OR. Through the NextAR Smart Glasses, I needed have access to the plan at every step of the procedure, enriched by real-time information on the soft tissues, allowing me to tailor the position of the implant to the patient's anatomy".

Dr. Philippe Alves


"NextAR allows me to preoperatively tailor each patient's knee replacement outside of the OR whilst still having the added accuracy and assurance of intraoperative adjustment and validation."

Dr. James Tunggal

NextAR Knee, part of Medacta's NextAR Augmented Reality Surgical Platform, has the potential to provide significant benefits to the healthcare system: a single platform for all your procedures

Nextar platform

In line with Medacta's philosophy of healthcare sustainability, a single hardware with limited capital investment and low per-case cost will be able to host diverse software, with additional economic benefits for the healthcare systems.

NextAR Augmented Reality Surgical Platform is the leading force of an advanced network of digital solutions: MySolutions Personalized Ecosystem


The NextAR surgical platform is part of Medacta's MySolutions ecosystem. 

Together with a comprehensive portfolio of implants and surgical techniques, MySolutions empowers Medacta's holistic approach to personalized medicine, aiming to bring value to every step of the patient journey from preoperative through postoperative care.

With the M.O.R.E. Institute the surgeon is never alone when discovering new technologies

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