The NextAR Augmented Reality Surgical Platform represents the synthesis of the three fundamental assets of the Medacta value generation, being able to successfully combine cutting-edge technology, tailored education programs, and healthcare sustainability.

The NextAR Platform leverages patient-specific, unique real-time data to efficiently complement operative workflow. Through advanced 3D planning tools, a revolutionary, compact, and integrated single-use tracking system, and augmented reality, the platform enables data-driven decision-making allowing the surgeon to perform personalized adjustments based on each patient’s unique anatomy and biomechanics.

Personalized 3d planning
Augmented Reality
Proprietary disposable instruments
Healthcare sustainability




NextAR leverages Medacta's experience and know-how in personalized and accurate 3D planning tools with the aim of supporting surgeons in designing the optimal surgical strategy based on each patient’s unique anatomy and biomechanics. The protocol is based on CT images. NextAR is a system based on the MySolutions platform, accessible from any device.



The perception of real-life environments can be enriched with useful information, measured in real-time by the system, and displayed on NextAR Smart Glasses worn by the surgeon. This is superimposed on the operative field of view in a highly intuitive way, enabling enhanced decision-making and optimizing surgery. The increased level of data may provide more precision and could lead to improved patient outcomes.




NextAR TS (Tracking System) enables real-time instruments guidance and accurate implant positioning. The proprietary infrared single-use modules add intelligence to surgery without compromising procedural flow or O.R. logistics. 



In line with Medacta's philosophy of healthcare sustainability, the NextAR platform is offered as a hardware system with limited capital investment, per-case cost, and the ability to host software for multiple applications. The platform represents an optimal solution worldwide, particularly for US Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs).

NextAR Spine application was awarded the 2022 Spine Technology Award from Orthopedics This Week, the second Medacta product to receive this prestigious honor after MySpine Platform, patient-matched technology.  Both NextAR and MySpine are part of Medacta’s MySolutions Personalized Ecosystem, an advanced network of digital solutions designed to improve patient outcomes, healthcare efficiency, and sustainability.


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