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Find out how the NextAR Platform has impacted other surgeons' practice

NextAR Knee
Dr. Philippe Alves
"This innovative solution supported me in creating an accurate plan for the surgery with the 3D model of the patient’s knee, and in precisely executing it in the OR. Through the NextAR Smart Glasses, I indeed have access to the plan at every step of the procedure, enriched by real-time information on the soft tissues, allowing me to tailor the position of the implant to the patient's anatomy"
Dr. Philippe Alves
Dr. Christophe Bussière France
"This innovative solution is truly time-saving and brings a concrete benefit to the patient. Certainly, the surgeon needs to get used to the combination of real and “augmented” vision, but we adapted very quickly! What's interesting about NextAR is that you can keep your eyes on the operating field. With the robot, the back and forth from the operating field to the monitor causes us to lose time. For the moment, I am still looking at the NextAR control unit, but I think that very soon I won't need to double-check what is going on. Without having to refer to the control unit, my eyes will be focused on the patient. It's like driving head-on. I'm looking at my operating field while having information appear in my field of vision"
Dr. Christophe Bussière
NextAR Shoulder
Prof. Matthias A. Zumstein
"Planning and virtual visualization of the positioning during the surgical procedure is already provided in the community. The step forward of this technology is the real transfer of the planning into the surgical procedure, defined as augmented reality, using intraoperative guidance. We think that NextAR Shoulder represents a great answer to this challenging next step"
Prof. Dr. med. Matthias A. Zumstein
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Bernhard Meyer
"Sometimes you think you are at a certain angle or location and no matter how many you do your baseplate could have been a smidge lower, you should have used a different length screw etc. NextAR gave me real-time confidence that I knew exactly what my post OP x-ray was going to look like"
Wesley Cox, MD
NextAR Spine
Jonathan Vigdorchik, MD
"I can now accurately execute my plan in the O.R. while staying focused on the surgical field as never before thanks to Augmented Reality. The NextAR Spine 3D Direct approach allows me to easily locate the anatomical structures and perform the intraoperative planning in just a few clicks. NextAR is a much needed innovation in spine surgery and has the potential to increase my patient’s safety and clinical outcomes"
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Bernhard Meyer
Jonathan Vigdorchik, MD
"NextAR is a real breakthrough innovation in the field of spine surgery. The system is very accurate and easy to use, and I was able to make a very precise intraoperative planning in a matter of seconds. Thanks to Augmented Reality, I was able to safely implant Medacta’s M.U.S.T. screws without taking my eyes off the patient. I believe NextAR has the potential to increase surgical outcomes, surgeons' confidence, and safety for my patients"
Prof. Leo Massari

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